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Game Fowl Laying Hens and Rooster

$65. for the 6 by vwtrike in Richland, 5 days ago
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Game Fowl Laying Hens and Rooster in Fort Leonard Wood

Selling (5) bantam laying hens and (1) rooster (will not break up), being Black Breasted Red Old English Standard (full sized standard variety) Game Fowl and the black tailed Buff Columbian Rosecomb Bantam mix / crossed hens and rooster, these are some beautiful birds. VERY well cared for, free ranged.

If you have a smaller backyard with limited space for a coop you can generally keep more bantams in the same space than you would full sized chickens.They take up less space, eat less feed, less attitude, all in all, just a better bird than larger breeds I've raised.

Multiple color combinations, all with blue slate colored legs. A great combination for hybrid vigor into your existing flock, or as they are. Hens and rooster are 1 year old.

These two breeds are thought to be one of the oldest breeds of land fowl, together crossed to make fantastic hybrid chickens. They are very gentle natured. These breeds as chicks ( old English or Rosecomb) are selling for $10 per each baby chick at a local hatchery, and local home breeders are selling Columbian Rosecomb pullets for $20 per each.

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